Rumors speak of a Xiaomi 5 cameras

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Xiaomi phone with five cameras hints

Once again Xiaomi He wanted to surprise, because this time, through the principal product of the company, He shared on social network Weibo a photo that is giving that talk. This is a photo showing other brand smartphones, made by an unknown phone, and accompanied by a watermark well, let say, intriguing, and that has sparked many rumors about their origin.

Xiaomi Penta

We do not know what they mean by Penta, we know many other things, for example we know that the photo IA stands for artificial intelligence, and penta representing part remains a mystery, It continues as something that comes with five elements, as an achievement reached the fifth time or so, in this case, he fifth of a series of devices smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Smartphone, Pantalla Completa de 5.99 (18: 9), Snapdragon 636 Octa Core de 4GB + 64GB, Cámara Dual, Oro

The logo is pretty straightforward to make mention of the camera, then, We understand that the smartphone which made the picture has five cameras and then a resource that involves AI-based software It has five intelligent functions or image processing, or equal is only the fifth edition of some of its devices, just like the number of beers that was taken yesterday by the director marqueting, but the advertising campaign is working.

Phones with five cameras

Although it could seem strange if not be Xiaomi was preparing a model with five cameras at the back, especially after confirmation that Nokia will launch Nokia PureView 9 with the same number of lenses during MWC in Barcelona, Xiaomi so would not be the first.

For Xiaomi, sometimes it launches several products in one month, It is very hard to imagine what would be the mysterious device, If we are talking about Xiaomi Mi 9, Of the new Xiaomi Note 7 or who knows if a new device, which I'll call Penta.

There is one last detail that has caused rumors skyrocket even more. The strange thing is that the publication was deleted by the executive after the impact in the press about the possibility of that futuro Xiaomi Penta, from five cameras, whatever it is, soon we know.

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