Xiaomi comparing redmi 4 y Xiaomi Redmi 5

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Xiaomi Redmi 4 vs Redmi 5

Sometimes it happens that we are happy with our Happy Birthda devicel everything and have more modern alternatives in the market, and we wonder whether it is useful to change or should we stick with the same device that already makes us happy.

Sometimes we just find that we can choose the different versions on the market, especially when it recently launched the new version, taking the opportunity not only to choose which we want, do not always new is better, but we can also enjoy lower prices in the oldest version when the new appears.

In this case we will compare two models Redmire range, the Xiaomi Redmi 4 and the Xiaomi Redmi 5.


At first glance it is seen as the redmi 4 It is smaller and lighter than redmi 5, making it easier to use and keep it in your pocket, but a size difference that we should not do opt for one or the other to be very similar, he redmi 5 instead it is somewhat narrower, even for just 12 mm, but the fact of being bigger makes it heavier.

Unlike other models brand the device has a connector headphones from 3.5 mm.

The cameras They are positioned at different sites, on one side for redmi 4 y en la parte trasera para el Redmi 5. Pero la forma de usarla es bastante similar en ambas, no special emphasis on one another..

At first glance it is observed as are of the same family and no big differences between one and the other.

Xiaomi photograph redmi 4

Xiaomi Redmi 4X - Smartphone Libre de 5

Xiaomi photograph redmi 5


Xiaomi Redmi 5 - Smartphone de 5.7


Both phones benefit from incorporating update mode MIUI por lo que están a la última en cuestión de software y ambos corren similares sistemas operativos, everything and that at first the redmi 4 Android version used a Marshmallow and redmi 5 one of Nougat, but both will be ready to use both the newly launched MIUI 9.5 as the expected version Oreo MIUI 10.


the redmi 5 Snapdragon uses chipl 450, Meanwhile he redmi 4 using Snapdragon 435.

According to Qualcomm Snapdragon chip itself 450 is a 25% faster than Snapdragon 435, but we must recognize that the difference is not obvious unless you compare them side by another.

The processor runs applications with ease and you can play games that do not require a super high yields range, both they stand out a little heated with intensive use, although the redmi 5 more than the redmi 4.

Purchase alternatives in the range Xiaomi redmi 4



The main difference we noticed with the naked eye between the two is the screen, not the same quality and contrast and saturation, which they are very similar, if not for the fact that the redmi 5 offers 0,7 pulgadas extras que sin duda hacen una diferencia para aquellos que quieren disfrutar de una pantalla más grande o ver contenido multimedia



In these devices goes something curious, although the pantlla of redmi 5 it is bigger, the fact that narrower makes available a battery of smaller capacity, battery so that we can say that wins the redmi 4, as it has a higher capacity battery and above you have to feed a smaller screen, so obviously, running the same operating system, its duration is higher than the redmi 5.

the redmi 5 You can have the biggest screen, but the redmi 4 It has the largest battery. True, the battery size alone is not what determines the battery, but in this case, redmi 4 It has an advantage over the Xiaomi redmi 5.

Both are devices that will need to load at the end of the day, but in the case of Xiaomi redmi 4, at the end of the day you will have more battery available in the redmi 5.

Here Xiaomi seems to have entirely successful in providing larger screen and lower battery, parece ilógico comprometer la vida útil de la batería para una pantalla más grande si el usuario no puede disfturar dicha pantalla porque el teléfono se queda sin batería.

Alternatives buying Xiaomi redmi range 5


Just as in battery we can say that there is no doubt that the Xiaomi redmi 4 desire, the camera loses. Usually logical that most modern devices incorporating best cameras, therefore improvements in hardware and software.

To the naked eye would not notice if not great difernencias compares one next to the other to view photos, no hay grandes diferencias en cuanto a megapíxeles pero la cámara del Xiaomi Redmi 5 allows autofocus (OF) faster than the redmi 4, better capturing movement con una mejor calidad de imagen, as it can manage more exposure eficiente.Incluso way with natural light, the redmi 5 reproduces colors and details much better than redmi 4.

Since both cameras They have a 5MP lens on the front, the images should ideally be identical. But, It seems like Xiaomi had updated the subsequent processing of your camera application for redmi 5, so that exposure of shots increases selfie.

Which one to choose if we can choose between them

I'm not sure if the differences are enough to make me change my phone, but if you were buying a new phone and I were choosing between the two devices Xiaomi, the redmi 5 I would be ahead of redmi 4, but the differences are not so large as to rule out each other, basically depends if you want a larger screen and better camera or a better battery to choose.


Suppose if already in possession of redmi 4 and what is being proposed is to change the redmi 5, It should be considered in that case that lla quality of the camera and screen size are the only reasons to consider switching to redmi 5, but if these are not key aspecots for you, we recommend you follow the redmi 4 for a while.

Xiaomi Redmi 4X SIM doble 4G 32GB Oro - Smartphone (12,7 cm (5


the redmi 5 It is a good choice in the entry-level segment if you do not mind the size, because for some it can be great. But, the redmi 4 It is a smaller phone that has the same power, as we said the difference between Snapdragon chips is 25% on paper but hardly noticeable. The battery life of redmi 4 also adds to its appeal if it is always moving.

the redmi 5 wins with better features on paper, as it should be, since it is the 'update’ the redmi 4. But, considering that the redmi 4 It has a longer battery life and Xiaomi updates are slow to come around, It seems to be the best choice, all things considered.

Xiaomi Redmi 5, Smartphone DE 5.7


Definitely, to taste the colors and will depend on whether you want a better screen-camera or battery last longer, but both phones are recommended.



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